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Staying Healthy

Make healthy choices to keep active, eat a varied diet and spend time outdoors. You might be surprised by the transformation a few small changes can bring to your overall sense of well-being. 

Make a healthy diet a priority and you'll soon be feeling the benefit to your overall health and well-being. By making some small adjustments to what you eat, you could end up with a much healthier lifestyle. 

High blood pressure is a major risk factor contributing to cardiovascular disease and stroke, and salt consumption can have a major impact. Find out more about how your diet can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure.

The amount of salt you eat has a major impact on your health and wellbeing. In particular, it is the sodium in salt which can be the problem. Find out about sodium and potassium in LoSalt and how your health can benefit from switching to LoSalt

What do you need to know about salt and your health? Find out what the experts have to say about salt in the diet and how reduced sodium can make a difference to your health and lifestyle.