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Introducing LoSalt

LoSalt is a leading reduced sodium salt which you can find at your local store in 12.35oz containers.

However you use salt, LoSalt is a great route to reducing the sodium in your diet.

You can use it in the same way you would use regular salt, and it will have the same salty taste.

As with regular salt it should be used sparingly in cooking and baking. Taste food at the table before seasoning and you may gradually be able to avoid adding it altogether.

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Original LoSalt is made by our unique blending method, combining sodium chloride with potassium chloride to create a great tasting, healthier alternative to regular salts. With only one third of the sodium content of regular salt, it's also a great way to lower your sodium intake which can help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

66.6% (min.) potassium chloride
33.3% (max.) sodium chloride
anti-caking agent

Iodized LoSalt has all the great features of our original LoSalt product, but with added iodine, which can help to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral in the body. Ensuring enough iodine in your diet can help maintain brain and thyroid functionality, among other benefits.


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