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What the chef says

LoSalt has been popular with chefs for nearly 30 years, providing an easy way of reducing their menu's sodium content without compromising on taste.

We chatted with one chef, Andrew Pirrie, Head Chef at the University of Strathclyde Students' Association in Glasgow and winner of the 2011 LoSalt Salt Smart Award, who has introduced LoSalt into his kitchen.

Andy has over 30 years experience as a chef, having worked at 5 star hotels, rosette stared restaurants, contract catering and the Head Chef at Glasgow two biggest universities.

In his role as Head Chef at Strathclyde, fresh and healthy eating has become the priority for Andy.

"95% of our breakfasts, soups, main courses, daily vegetarian, daily curry, daily healthy choice, pasta bar, beef burgers, chicken burgers, and sauces are all made fresh in house daily by the chefs. That way, we know what's in our food.

"Where possible we offer a choice fresh potato, vegetables, rice, pasta, salad dishes instead of fries, and all our main meals have at least one of your 5 a day."

And so how does LoSalt fit into this healthy menu?

"LoSalt is the only salt we use the main kitchen," explains Andy. "We also offer LoSalt and salt sachets in the restaurant, along with promotional posters that explain healthy benefits of reducing salt in your diet. This allows our customers to make their own minds up, one way or the other. The important point is we are offering a choice."

Win Win Situation

"LoSalt fits in with our healthy choice menu. Although it costs a wee bit more, it tastes the same as regular salt and has all the benefits of being healthier. So for me and the chefs it's a win win situation. And more importantly, students and staff can't tell the difference either."

Andy also explained that although the healthier menu may cost more to put together, the restaurant still breaks even because the meals are so popular with students. 

And so how does Andy promote this healthy menu to his students and staff?

"Really we promote healthy food choices, including LoSalt, all year long with various promotions such as poster campaigns, healthy days/ weeks, customer surveys, free healthy food tastings, the LoSalt 'Can you taste the difference?' challenge, customer food suggestions on the menu, and of course entering and winning the LoSalt Salt Smart Award in 2011 then runners up 2012.

"The best advice I can give is letting your students, customers and staff know that you're making healthy foods a priority."

"With almost everyone adding salt to their food LoSalt really does make a healthy difference, I would ask all you chef out there to a least give it a go and see for yourselves."


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