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Sarah Jarvis

Dr Sarah Jarvis
Practising GP, Clinical Consultant and Medical Commentator for TV, Press & Radio  

Sally Bee

Sally Bee
Our culinary expert

Azmina Govindji

Azmina Govindji
LoSalt Nutritionist

Our Advisory Team

Looking for expert advice about salt and your health?

Find out all you need to know from our advisory team about salt in the diet and how reducing sodium can make a big difference to your health and lifestyle.

GP Dr Sarah Jarvis
Dr Sarah Jarvis is a registered GP and trained at Cambridge and Oxford. She comments regularly in the media on health issues and is the resident GP for BBC Radio 2, The One Show and Good Housekeeping. She was also the ITN Lunchtime News doctor for 4 years.

Do you know how much salt is in your diet?
Excess salt in the diet is a major international health issue, as too much salt (sodium chloride) can increase the risk of high blood pressure, which, in turn, is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. These are still two of the biggest killers in this country today.
Salt is one of those things which can be easy to bury our head in the sand about. It can seem easier to skip a dessert and watch our sugar intake than it can be to look at the savoury food we eat. But are you aware of exactly how much salt is in your diet? Research by LoSalt shows that more than half (58%) of people are not concerned about how much salt they are eating and 86 per cent of people do not know how much salt they should be having a day.

This worries me greatly because in the UK we are still eating far too much salt. However, with a few small changes and swaps here and there, you can make a big difference to your health by bringing your salt intake down.

For more information on salt and health, take a look at Dr Sarah Jarvis' useful guide in the videos below:

Sally Bee
Sally Bee is all about healthy food that tastes amazing! As a 5 times heart attack survivor, Sally considers healthy food as her medicine and says she can produce any delicious dish in a healthy way! Sally's dishes are never about counting calories, they are all about flavour and health giving ingredients. 

She is our culinary expert when it comes to eating healthily and shares ideas for the small changes you can make to ensure you're eating for taste AND health. Check out some of her delicious recipes here

Azmina Govindji
Azmina Govindji is an award-winning nutritionist, registered dietitian and bestselling author. She runs her own nutrition consultancy at Azmina Nutrition, and offers advice to the food industry, the media, patients and health organisations.

Azmina shares her top tips for how to 'shake the shake:
Cooking at home
• Stock up on a variety of herbs and spices as they are great enhancers and can help reduce some of the salt in cooking
• If you need the salty flavour in your food, try a reduced sodium option such as LoSalt
• For additional taste, try adding a zesty flavour to food with lemon juice or vinegar

Wait before you shake
• Taste food before adding salt - you may find you enjoy the taste of the dish just as it is!
• Ask for healthy options if you're in a restaurant or takeaway outlet - such as dishes that are lower in salt or if they can add less salt or a reduced sodium salt to you food
• Avoid salty dishes such as prawn crackers

Shopping and labels
• Check the traffic light system on food labels and try to avoid brands which have a red traffic light for salt
• Buy reduced salt soy, stocks and seasonings and this often contain lots of hidden salt
• Choose foods which are canned in water


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