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LoSalt versus the rest

As a world leading manufacturer of reduced sodium salt, we've an important message to share. 

Ideally you shouldn't have any salt at home as there is so much in processed foods - but if you must, use LoSalt.

Our product is a blend of naturally occurring ingredients:  sodium chloride (regular salt) and potassium chloride.  It has a great taste, and can be used in exactly the same way as regular salts. Better than that, by reducing the sodium in your diet it can help you stay healthy.

Great taste

When we brought LoSalt to market back in 1984 we took a great deal of care over the blend of our product to ensure that the taste was an excellent match for traditional table salt. Over the years our product has proved itself as satisfied customers come back to purchase again and again.

Less sodium

If you are keen to reduce the sodium in your diet, LoSalt provides part of the solution. An added bonus is the additional potassium, a vital mineral the body needs as part of a healthy diet.

I use natural sea salt. Isn't that healthy?

Although sea salt is natural, it contains the same amount of sodium as cooking and table salt. So no, it's not healthier for you. (Find more salt questions here.) 


Follow the best diet advice by eating more fruit and vegetables and avoiding processed foods with high sodium levels.

We chatted with Strathclyde University Student Union Head Chef and 2011 LoSalt Salt Smart Award winner Andy Pirrie about LoSalt and how it plays an important role in his new healthier menu