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WI Fair 2017

Women's Institute Fair 2017

29 mars 2017

LoSalt recently exhibited at the 2nd WI Fair held at North London's Alexandra Palace, showcasing to visitors just how easy it is to use LoSalt in every day cooking, as part of a healthier lifestyle.

LoSalt were pleased to be the main sponsors of the Live Kitchen, and on the fourth day ran a session hosted by dietitian Azmina Govindji and Chef James Fisher. James cooked up some delicious reduced-sodium dishes whilst Azmina explained the importance of reducing salt in our diet.

James demonstrated how to make a Tomato and Aubergine Gratin and some Salted Caramel Brownies using LoSalt and gave the audience a taste test of the brownies, one batch using LoSalt and one without, to see if they could tell the difference...they couldn't!
More great tasting LoSalt recipes can be found here.

WI Fair 2017

Together they showed the audience how easy it is to make the swap to LoSalt, which has 66% less sodium than regular salt, and can be used in exactly the same way in cooking to season and add flavour to food, thus creating great tasting meals with less sodium.
Read more about the cooking ssession and cutting down on salt at Azmina's blog.

The LoSalt team had a great four days chatting to WI members and non-members alike about ways to reduce the sodium in our diet as well as providing samples of LoSalted popcorn and cherry tomatoes for visitors to take away and try at home.

We hope everyone that attended enjoyed the event, we're looking forward to next year's fair already!