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LoSalt Story

Back in 1979 we started producing potassium chloride, but it wasn't until 1983 that we began to recognise the value of the mineral for the consumer market. Within a year, we had managed to blend potassium chloride with sodium chloride, matching the flavour profile of regular table salt, but using 66% less sodium.

In 1984, LoSalt was successfully launched in the UK, creating the reduced sodium salt market. Since then, we've continued to lead the way.

Today, LoSalt holds over 60% market share in the UK and has an established and growing presence in over 30 other countries worldwide. Interestingly, Klinge Foods is still the UK's only specialised producer of potassium chloride.

Klinge Foods is a family owned business, based in Scotland. We are committed to manufacturing and selling the very highest quality products in the UK and across the world.